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Best-In-Industry Full Truckload Services

Full Truckload Services

As a trusted logistic service provider in India, Pykit Rides offers cost-effective & easy Full Truckload (FTL) service. Our Full Truckload services have been highly beneficial for clients who require transporting high capacity and high volume goods through a fast & affordable service provider.

Our Full Truckload services receive a high demand from businesses that need to haul heavy loads & bulk items across long distances by road. They leverage our FTL services to have the entire space available in a truck to ship their goods and have recognized us as their long-term and reliable logistics partner.

Why Choose Pykit For Full Truckload Services?

Through our Full Truckload logistics service, we not only help our clients with specialized equipment to ship their products over long distances but also provide trusted professionals to carry out the process.

Here are all the benefits our clients receive by partnering with us

Large Shipments

For large quantity shipment you can get benefited by availing complete truck space &also allows you to load a larger quantity of goods in a single shipment. Also, considering that bulk movement of goods requires multiple permits & permissions, our experienced team will help you understand the required documents & process to transport the products in a specific timeframe.

Fragile or High-Risk Shipments

We completely understand the challenge & place importance on details in every shipment, especially those carrying products with high risks of breakage or spoilage. Our team carefully loads & unloads the FLT freight to assure the safety of products on long distances.

Consignment Transportation

We make sure that once your product is loaded in the truck, it is only unloaded as it reaches the transportation. We do not repack or switch your consignment during the transfer.

Fast Delivery

As we take care of all the permissions & permits in advance and do not switch or repack goods throughout the shipping process, the delivery is always made in a cost and time-efficient manner.

Partner With Experts For FTL Services

As a leading logistics company, we aim to overcome the industry’s drawbacks of fragmented & inefficient services. Your partnership with us can benefit you with the following factors:
  • Transparency in communication & process using state-of-the-art technology so that you can track your consignment at every stage. There’s no hidden costs or clause against your interest.
  • Great experience in the industry allows us to serve you better.
  • Flexibility in contracts & ways of shipment helps us provide you tailor-made services that perfectly suit your requirements.
  • Competitive Pricing so that you do not feel that you’re paying more than the justified amount.