About Us

About Us

Pykit is a safe, advance, trusted, and secure transportation service delivery by a network of independent freight agents and third-party carrier providers. We provide customized shipping solutions across India. With a huge pile of load movement in INDIA on daily basis, oblige the necessity for advancement & ease of shipping services in India. PYKIT forms a web-based transporter-manufacturer network that reshapes industrial shipping & Logistics solutions to enable hassle-free business movements. We render as the best shipping companies in Gurgaon & NCR by automating goods movements so as to the make most benefit out of their supply chain and logistic solutions.

Pykit facilitates a single digitized solution where transporters and suppliers communicate directly for the good’s movements as per their convenience. PYKIT provides customize the integrated platform with an AI-integrated Interface that gives full access over the cross-system by the amalgamation of order & delivery data. All the events communication like container loaded/unloaded, the vessel departed/arrived, etc. can be easily tracked and monitored and give the complete status of your transportation. So, do you want to experience effortless shipping services in Gurgaon and NCR for the delivery of your goods? Well, PYKIT is at your service!!

We have come up with a unique and 100% optimized visibility network that coils & shared critical shipment data as per various platforms. Our extra layer visibility clubs ELD/telematics data from vehicles, location data from vessels, all transactional data at ports/terminals, theft info, fuel level data, monitor driver behaviors, real-time tracking. In short, visibility across all mode node networks like ports, borders, terminals, etc brings an inevitable part to the customer in the shortest period of time.

So, sit back and relax, we are here to deliver your valuable to its destination nationwide on-time. We are just a click of a button away.

Why We Are The Best Logistics Company in India

We have a strong presence as the best logistic company in Gurugram because of our strong values and services that we offer to our customers and at the same time, we are on verge of expanding it at a good pace with excellent service quality. With continues growth in the supply chain and logistic sectors in India, we aspire to become the best e-commerce shipping destination for every industry segment across India.


We follow ethical practice and remain transparent with our various stakeholders. With our best tracking system, we provide real-time visibility and transparency

Enhanced Security

We reduces the risk factor in the entire delivery process by being more vigilant. Facilitates higher visibility & traceability starting from quoting, planning, execution, monitoring & settlement of all processes.

Innovation & Value Driven

We give importance to innovative technologies to deliver real business value. Our AI and IoT enabled tools make our service more time & cost effective.

24x7 Customer Support

We resolve all the issues/errors proficiently and deliver desired results with proper planning, execution, monitoring

Carrier Choice

As we have robust network of multiple carriage options, thus providing a wide range of vehicle choice to our customers as per their requirements. Highly planned processes facilitate better carrier collaboration

On-Time Delivery

We have proven track record for on-time delivery of goods, as we understand our customer’s business need.

Customer Oriented

With more then 500+ happy customers, we make sure to keep our customers on priority. Our focus remains to keep our best service possible.

Competitive Price

We ensure to provide best price available in the market with excellent discounts rates by our transporters or shipper.


Happy Clients